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01e38acffe ------ jancsika > Thus, a large quantity of money makes small transactions within the price > range almost inevitable. How do you know this? ~~~ whisk3rs Because the other side of the coin is that you never get a bunch of penny rounds going on a dollar bill. Also, large transactions typically aren't small. ------ scythe The last link in the story is this: [ > _The body’s self-control for the moment is not strong enough to prevent > itself from buying the world with its wealth. And so, in the big > picture, however much we disapprove, we are all part of the problem. > There’s no need to be part of the solution, because it is indeed part of the > solution. A world in which some of the wealth is on offer as freely as the > air is on offer as freely as the water, as readily as an iPhone is offered, > as the iMac is offered, seems to be a world of wonderful abundance, and one > in which everyone has enough to eat and live in a beautiful home and drive > a nice car. It is not a world in which we are poor as a people. It is a > world in which we are rich as a people._ The key paragraph comes at the end: > _We can go to the ends of the earth to get out of the way of the billions > of hands that are reaching for the objects we already own. We can get out of > the way by asking our neighbors or our parents or our children to borrow > them. We can stop giving our money away, taking an interest in other > people’s money, and stop trying to figure out how to get our money. We can > stop trying to steal other people’s wealth and start stealing it instead. We > can stop protecting our wealth and start destroying it. We can destroy > ourselves. We can do it because our wealth is already in our hands. We can > do it because, if we choose to do so, it is far more effective to start a > fire on your own rather than set one for someone else

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